THANIYA Brand Organic Fragrances and Thai Ceramics

THANIYA Brand Organic Fragrances and Thai Ceramics Created by Thai craftsmen With over 30 years of experience

THANIYA, the owner of the THANIYA brand, pays attention to natural materials from the community. By choosing to use jasmine rice to make scented meat Instead of using substances from petrochemicals Extracts the scent from flowers and Thai herbs Create a unique scent and add Thai DNA by filling in hand-painted ceramics. Which was inspired by the benjarong High-class craftsmanship that is difficult to reach by modern people. Brought to adjust the design and pattern to be modern Beautiful eye-catching and charming Thai style. It quickly became known both at home and abroad. Until he was selected as a gift maker For visitors to the luxury fashion show CHANEL Cruise 2019.


THANIYA has added value to Thai craftsmanship. Become a world-class quality product And exported to many continents And it is also a product that has been selected as a valuable souvenir and gift from Thailand. Whoever receives it must be pleasing and in love at least ever.


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