Tendency of furniture and home decoration product in the US


Due to China’s recent policy of Zero Covid that makes it closed from other countries, furniture and home decoration product importers in the US have shifted their attention to bringing in more products from other countries instead.

Thailand ranks number 16 in exporting products to the US, with a total value of 237.20 million U.S. dollars. It has expanded by 57.79 percent, in which 33.91 percent is from interior home and deco products. Since the factors of home supply in the US are stable in this mid-year, this is a good opportunity to export construction tools, furniture and home decoration from Thailand. Moreover, Thai business owners definitely have the potential to compete in the American market.

Thai products that could grow in the US include furniture, home decoration, rattan, garden, outdoor and eco-friendly products. Moreover, customers tend to choose products from materials that are strong and durable, and that have modern designs and are easy to use. Thai business owners could take advantage of this trend by creating products made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, clay, and recycled plastic, along with adding the handicraft values to them to make them more interesting.