At Masaya, we specialize in brass furniture, all handmade from sculpting, to brass casting and polishing. Our designs stem from the simplest things in our everyday lives that we may tend to look over and nature that surrounds us. We develop those objects into furniture that are practical yet, diverse and give a new perspective to which ever objet we were inspired from. The fluidity and harmonization of the design and the brass we specialize in, results in a unique and luxurious product that enhances every room or area the product is placed at. Since we hand make every piece, we are open for customization and bespoke products that clients may want or have to give everyone pieces that are more suited for their tastes and needs. FEATHER STAINLESS+WOOD SIDE TABLE FURNITURE WOOD SIDE TABLE FURNITURE: W.100 x L.48 x H.37 CM

Product Brand: MASAYA

Dimension: W.55 x L.60 x H.49 CM

Material: stainless steel, wood

Brands description:

63 Charoenkrung 30 Charoenkrung Rd, Bangrak, Bangkok , Thailand

M O R E   P R O D U C T S


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